Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Saga #5: For Fantasy Lovers Everywhere

Saga #5
Writer:  Brian K. Vaughan
Art: Fiona Staples
July 18, 2012

I read the first four issues of this series all in one go and was then really sad that I had to wait for the fifth.  The main aspects that drew me in were: 1) the relationship between Alana and Marko; 2) the world-building; 3) there are characters with tvs as heads! And the pictures change according to how they feel!; and 4) The Will became far more likeable than I expected.

So, all of those basically boil down to excellent character development and a really intriguing exposition of the world these characters live in.  What's even better is that neither of these aspects overpower the other.  The reader is given just enough information about the world and the characters to understand what's going on but you can tell that there's a lot we haven't been told yet, which means I have to keep reading!

The things I liked in the first four issues have carried on into the fifth; I really care about these characters.  When there was even an inkling of a possibility that Alana and Marko might die, I was primed and ready to throw down the comic and stomp on it if that occurred.  The best thing about this couple is that they act and talk like a real, new couple (even though Marko has horns and Alana has wings).  They're in love, but still growing up and finding things out about each other, and even though they're scared to begin a new life together and they're still trying break bad habits for the sake of their baby, they're going to fight like hell to protect their family.

It's even possible to be sympathetic with the tv heads and the assassins in this comic, especially with the princess' news and a shocking ending for The Will and The Stalk. 

Fiona Staples has done a great job on the art as well.  The panels are precise and detailed, even pretty, despite the bizarre creatures.  However, that's not to say that she shies away from gruesome moments either.  Marko's fight scene is brutal and the very last page of this issue will both captivate and repulse you.

If you're a fantasy fan and you haven't picked up this comic already, you need to get yourself to a comic book store ASAP and read this comic!


  1. I just about reeled back in terror when you said you almost threw down this book and stomped on it.

    The comic collector nerd in me screamed "Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!"

  2. The spacing in that last comment is really bizarre, and totally unintentional.

  3. I loved the first couple issues of this series. it's sexual in parts, but not crude, and the aliens are some of the most interesting I've ever seen in any creative work. I'll definitely catch up on this sometime soon.

  4. Regarding the sex in this series, I agree with you Chris. It's not crude.

    Saga reminds me a lot of European sci-fi comics, like Jodorowsky and Moebius's The Incal, or Enki Bilal's work, but even classier and less exploitive.

    If you haven't read Issue #4, well, the sex acts depicted within that book are masterfully undercut by what happens in the last few pages.

    I was on the fence about Brian K. Vaughn as a writer before this book, but this is definitely at the top of my must-read pile every month.

    Speaking of which, I gotta get my copy back from Courtney so I can read it!

  5. I was going to review this one as well, but there's just no point to it. Courtney said everything that I would want to say, and this comic is just the bees knees.

    In fact, it's my favorite comic book coming out in a monthly format.

    The only thing I might add is that I REALLY REALLY wanted The Will to face smash that child slave's owner after she told him that the poor kid has a poison that will activate if she leaves Sextillion before her contract expires. Holy shit did I want The Will to pop her head like a grape.