Thursday, July 26, 2012

Coming Soon!

First of all, thanks so much for reading our blog these past few weeks!

Courtney and I have been talking about creating this site for a while, and finally we decided to just write some reviews and see what happened. Well, we've been blown away by the response to The Comic Book Couple!

I know I can speak for both of us when I say that we're really excited to see that so many people have been coming to read our thoughts about the comics we love (and sometimes, love to hate). So thank you for coming to check out our new reviews every week!

Now that we've got a solid review schedule set up-- you can expect new weekly reviews every Wednesday or Thursday-- we're planning on rolling out some new kinds of content, including podcasts, our thoughts on the latest comic book news, and my upcoming countdown to the new Judge Dredd film, Dredd 3D, in which I'm going to review a new volume of The Complete Case Files of Judge Dredd every week until the film is released in September. That's five volumes of Dredd!

We'll be updating our monthly reading list soon so you can know what we're going to be reading in advance, and read along with us if you'd like.

And don't hesitate to post in the comments or talk with us on Twitter or Facebook. We'd appreciate your feedback!

Thanks again for reading, we'll be back next week with more reviews of the latest comics.

UPDATE: After some discussion between Courtney and I, we decided that we may have been too overzealous in suggesting we could do ALL OF THE ABOVE. 

We'd really like to start doing podcasts if we have time, but since we both work full time and have other commitments besides, OUR GOAL is to make sure to each review "Our Pick of the Week," so to speak. That way we can each review something, but also have the time to do other things and not worry about missing our deadlines on the blog. 

My Judge Dredd reviews are still coming, I will still provide my thoughts on some comics news occasionally, but you can count on AT LEAST two reviews from us each week. That I can promise. 

Thanks again for reading and supporting our blog! 


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  1. Yeah so clearly those Judge Dredd reviews didn't come either. I should just stop promising these things while I'm still a grad student. Ugh.