About the Comic Book Couple

Christian and Courtney met while they were working on Honours English degrees at the University of Regina--after many classes and group lunches together, they realized they were pretty much meant to be.  

Christian realized this soon after Courtney admitted to liking Anne Rice novels and she cemented his belief by reading the comics he gave her.  

She was wary of his love for Stephen King and his scary tattoo but he soon won her over with his love for poetry (he quoted Rilke to her on their third date) and complete honesty.  

They can often be seen reading comics together, watching Buffy, or out walking and biking.  Christian's favorite superhero is the Hulk and Courtney's favorite comic book character is Morpheus from Sandman, but if she could be a comic book character, she would be Death from Sandman (can you tell she has a thing for Sandman?).

They are the comic book couple.

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